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Christine Russell is a contemporary, professional artist based in Gloucestershire, south of the Cotswolds. Christine paints with a variety of medium and coveres a wide range of subjects, from impressionistic Landscapes to exquisitely detailed Still Life paintings, which are highly sought after in the UK, USA and the Middle East. She is a longstanding member of the Society of Women Artists and more recently, became a full member of The United Society of Artists. 

Christine is also an experienced, enthusiastic and patient tutor, who enjoys sharing her expertise with her students here in the UK and abroad.  

Studio Courses: Modern Packaging


Sat. 15th & Sun 16th Jul.

As a still life artist, I am always seeking different and interesting objects to include in my compositions. Over the years, I have incorporated plastic bottles, polythene, chocolate boxes, tin cans, plastic and cardboard egg cartons, string, paper bags, bubble-wrap, cling film and currently, tin foil! 

Modern packaging can introduce a different and unexpected twist to an otherwise conventional still life, as well as creating texture and often bright colour. 

Christine & 
Claire Russell
Studio exhibition

pomegrante with foil

Saturday 11th - Sunday 26th November 2017

Open daily 10 - 5

Over 50 original still life and landscape paintings by Christine will be on display.

gold leaf on glass

Claire Russell ARMS BA (Hons) 

Claire will be also be exhibiting gold leaf on glass etchings alongside Christine.