Welcome to my Website 

Christine Russell is a contemporary, professional artist based in Gloucestershire, south of the Cotswolds. Christine paints with a variety of medium and coveres a wide range of subjects, from impressionistic Landscapes to exquisitely detailed Still Life paintings, which are highly sought after in the UK, USA and the Middle East. She is a longstanding member of the Society of Women Artists and more recently, became a full member of The United Society of Artists. 

Christine is also an experienced, enthusiastic and patient tutor, who enjoys sharing her expertise with her students here in the UK and abroad.  

Studio Workshop: Capturing Light in Your Painting 

Sat. 16th & Sun. 17th July 

“Why do my pictures always look flat and dull?” is the most common complaint I hear from students. 

​How do you capture the myriad effects of light on a subject, whether in bright sunlight, dull light on a wet or misty day, or illuminated with artificial light?

Capturing light successfully will help establish the mood of a picture and bring it to life.


Studio Workshops 2016:

  • 1. Sunsets In Oils​​ ~ Sat. 23rd & Sun. 24th Jan. 
  • 2. Pastels For All  ~ Sat. 5th -  Mon. 7th Mar. 
  • 3. Doors, Windows And Arches ~ Sat. 9th &  Sun. 10th April.
  • 4. Capturing Light In Your Painting ~ Sat. 16th & Sun. 17th Jul.
  • 5. Fabric In Pastel ​~ Sat. 13th & Sun. 14th Aug.
  • 6. Oils: Painting With Knives! ~ Sat. 12th & Sun. 13th Nov.
  • ​7. Coping With Detail ~ Sat. 3rd & Sun. 4th Dec.